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Introduction to DNS

Addresses on the Internet

When you connect to the Internet, whether by dialup connection, cable, DSL, or other means, your Internet Service Provider assigns you an IP address. This is a set of numbers that lets other computers on the Internet get in touch with you. An example of an IP address is

Domain names

Of course, when you connect to a web site or another type of server over the Internet, you usually don't type an IP address to get there. Instead you type something like "" is a domain name, or hostname. A hostname is an easy-to-remember alias for an IP address.

The Domain Name System

DNS, or the Domain Name System, is the system that translates hostnames into IP addresses for the entire Internet. Whenever you type a domain name into your web browser, DNS translates that name into an IP address with which your computer can communicate. Many ISPs and web hosting providers run DNS servers.

How ThatIP fits in

ThatIP runs DNS servers that resolve requests for records under your domain name. ThatIP gives you full control over your domain names. Using our web interface, you can quickly add and modify your resource records.

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